Thursday, April 1, 2010

Too Broke To Bake

You know what sucks about being broke? Like everything. Everything sucks about being broke. But the most annoying, most frustrating, most sucky thing about it is that you can't do exactly what you want to do whenever you want to do it. Say, for example, that I want to rent a pony, ride sidesaddle down Broadway and parade around Columbus Circle like the Queen of can't do that unless you have money. I know. I tried. The people at the Central Park stables laughed me out of the place and I ended up riding the subway down to Columbus Circle like every other bum in NY. Lame. I know.

And so this is why you - my wonderful obsessed blog fans - were unable to bask in my culinary wonder this week. I was just too damn broke. I know you're shocked. I look really wealthy. I live in a new mansion. Well folks, it's all fake. Lies built on a bed of deceit. I couldn't even afford chocolate chips this week! Although truthfully, I wasn't gonna bake with them. I was just gonna sit in the corner of my room and slam them til the hurt went away. No big deal.

Stay tuned though kids. I'm gonna bake next week. I'll just use my credit card. Why pay now when you can pay later? Right Suze Orman? Right! She's so gay.


  1. Totally understand. You are so stinking funny. What did our partents do so right that we did so wrong. Keep baking and keep writing. Remember anyone can live in debt :) Charge it!

  2. This had me cackling with laughter...on the inside. I tried to contain it, as I am at work. Which I am grateful for now, because at least I can buy chocolate chips. Sigh.