Monday, March 8, 2010

My Name Is Geoff. I Like Baked Goods & Self Promotion.

A couple days ago, my sister texted me something like this: "You should totally start a food blog!!!!!!!" (She LOVES exclamation points.) The text went on, "You should start a food blog and call it Things I Bake On Tuesday."

You see, my boyfriend works five days a week, I "work" four days a week, which means I have one day off without him. Normally, that would mean sitting on my ass wishing he were with me. I'm kidding. Kind of. Instead, I decided to take each Tuesday and do two of my favorite things - baking and eating. And since it's 2010 and all the young cool kids are communicating through Facebook, I decided to post pictures of my treats. Soon, I was a HUGE internet star - and not in the creepy Jenna Jameson way. (I just lied to you. I haven't become a huge internet star...yet.)

You see, I'd really be lying if I didn't tell you that part of the reason I finally decided to start this here blog is because I'm pretty sure it will blow up and become the biggest thing in food since Wheat Thins. Basically, I'm convinced it will turn me into an internet sensation. Again, I'm kidding. Again, kind of.

In all seriousness, my hope is that it will make you laugh a bit and convince you that if I - a broke, out of work (but full of talent and ambition, in case any casting directors are reading this) actor - can whip up yummy food, so can you. So enjoy and read the first post - Chocolate White Chocolate Chip Cookies while you're at it! (that's for my sister)

Namaste and God bless...if you're into that kind of thing.


  1. Geoff! Reading that made me so happy. I hope your Broadway career takes off because you are so frickin' talented, but if it doesn't I hope your blog takes off! =) You are way less annoying than Julie Powell (and way more talented).

  2. I laughed out loud (literally, LOL'd) when I read this. So glad you're blogging now.